Bounce Mobility is proud to relay its capacity to support the future of corporate travel into the CBD, and also provide the gateway to managerial corporate social responsibility.

We are an on-demand transport service that uses 100% electric buses, allowing for professionals to have a clean, convenient, and emission-conscious commute to work. It operates without a fixed route or static timetable, providing much-needed flexibility for CBD workers.

Bounce is calling on businesses to access our corporate offers to our travel network. You can give your employees the opportunity to Bounce into work with us and avoid costs for them. It’s the dreaded commute to work transformed into getting from point A to B without hassle.

By partnering with Bounce, a discount will be provided through various membership options exclusive for your staff.

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Get ahead of the MaaS game with Bounce Mobility

Mobility as a Service smart transport solution that is part of a forecast growth in the Australian public transport market, while Bounce goes a step further by also adapting to changing consumer trends by implementing future-proof accompanying technology.

Bounce’s technology gives, at any time, visual and acoustic information to passengers en route and soon-to-be en route, allowing for ultimate flexibility, adaptability and dependability when travelling to and from the CBD for work. This is a practice dubbed as imperative by a report in MarketsandMarkets.

There is a growing consensus that we need to reduce private car usage and harness the benefits of alternative shared transport solutions – that is for a variety of reasons ranging from public health, creating fit-for-purpose city plans, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

And businesses are at the forefront of societal change. Many Australian businesses are aware of their looming net-zero responsibilities. Bounce, as a business-to-business transport service provider connects businesses to their social responsibility of facilitating sustainable travel.

Bounce’s partnership with Nexport ensures its full fleet of buses are entirely carbon-emission free.

“We’re focused on achieving net zero from our entire supply chain, as ultimately this is how we will reduce emissions from the transport sector,” a Nexport spokesperson previously told the Australian newspaper.

“The world has begun to make a conceptual shift toward seeking not just efficiency, but also sustainability and recycling economies,” Bounce Mobility CEO Alan Higgins said.

“It is thus fair to say that we have entered into an era in which the coexistence of diverse value systems, expansion of choices, and the social uncertainty all require sustainability.”

This is a call to get ahead of the game. The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Market around the world is set to receive an overwhelming growth of USD 951.23 Billion by 2029.

(Feature Image: Creative Commons)