Our Tech

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Bouncing with us will ensure your commute meets all of your everyday demands and more.

    1. Energy efficient - Our fleet uses zero-emission electric vehicles to ensure we are doing our bit. As we are supported by metro charging stations, this also means there’s no depot downtime. Our Bouncers wait less and arrive on time.

    2. Convenient - Transport with no fixed routes or timetables means we can provide customisable point-to-point travel.

    3. Easy to use - Our app is intuitive, feature packed and user friendly, which means you’ve got more screen-time for the other things that matter, like pre-ordering your coffee.

    4. Reliable - Using powerful AI technology makes Bounce reliable and dynamic. Kind of like if Keanu Reeves was your ride into work, except, he takes the subway

    5. Comfortable - Our buses are clean and never overcrowded. You will always get your own plush seat and USB charging ports are throughout, just in case you’ve got some “work” to-do. Oh, and did we mention, every bus has free wifi!